A TV show crew are locked in an abandoned mental hospital over night to film an episode of their show.


¬†First things first, this is a ‘found footage’ movie so yes it is influenced by both Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and yes it is a horror film so the usual horror clich√©’s abound (hot girl, tough black guy, ‘I’ll be right back’, characters needlessly splitting up) but this is not your average throw away shit horror.

The first forty five minutes or so build the tension in a way that is very similar to Paranormal Activity (sigh) and I must admit I was disappointed at this stage and thought this film was heading for loads of shots of doors slamming and banging noises leading to a Blair Witch style pay off shot. How wrong was I? This goes mental in the second half and becomes one of the most harrowing original horrors of recent years. The ramifications of what you are seeing on screen really are terrifying and will leave you thinking about it until well after the end credits.

Had they made the first half better and maybe improved the ending this would be an instant horror classic.