GOT Episode Review: Death is the Enemy

Season 7, Episode 6

The last three seasons of Game of Thrones have been epitomised by peaks and troughs. For every Battle of the Bastards there is Jamie raping Cersei. It seems they can’t get through a season without dropping a monumental bollock. Death is the Enemy isn’t quite the nadir but it is certainly the most frustrating episode of the season.

The problem with using the dragons as a deus ex machina is that it robs all future battles of any kind of tension and creates a situation where nobody is ever truly finished. While it was thrilling to see the flames ripping through the army of the dead, it was nothing compared to what we saw at Loot Train Attack a couple of episodes ago and just seeing the dragons in action is not enough to save an otherwise troubled episode. The continual resurrection of Jon Snow is as tiresome as it is predictable but this week it verged on the laughable as Benjen Stark appeared from nowhere at just the right time to save his ‘nephew’. I am willing to suspend my disbelief quite a lot for a show that features people riding around on dragons but Benjen’s intervention was almost insulting in its implausibility.

The episode fared little better at Winterfell with Arya seemingly becoming a totally different character in her feud with Sansa. We have waited so long for the Starks to be reunited and to see the sisters so at odds with each other doesn’t really ring true. It feels like the show has never really known what to do with Arya’s character and once again we see her floundering for an identity as we have in her previous incarnations. I’d rather see her hanging around with Ed fucking Sheeran again than creeping around Winterfell acting like a spoilt brat.

The penultimate episode of the season saves its worse scene for last however. The eyerollingly terrible companionship between Dany and Jon Snow became unbearable as he pledged his fealty to her in the most cringe worthy way possible. Is that really the best dialogue they could come up with? It felt like the worst, most self indulgent, moments of Lord of the Rings but in excelsis. Truly the worst scene of this season and perhaps of the entire show. If that is what we can expect of these two seemingly invincible characters for another season then I’m not sure I can continue.


  • Imagine being given the chance to have Podrick Payne protecting you and turning it down?? Pull yourself together Sansa. Maybe she was just intimidated by his raw sexual power?
  • The Hound needs to stay away from mentioning people’s hair. His comment to Tormund was almost as bad as his top knot reference to Thoros. Stick to what you know big guy. Chicken and cunts.
  • Speaking of Thoros, someone had to go and he was the unlucky one. He has always been a character that I wish we had spent more time with. I’d have taken less time in Dorne for more time with The Brotherhood in a heartbeat.
  • Ginger baiting aside this was another fantastic episode for The Hound. His direct speech is matched only by his brutal violence and his budding relationship with Tormund is a delicious prospect.
  • Has Dany being unable to have children always been a thing? I don’t recall it beingĀ  mentioned before but it was all she seemed able to talk about in this episode. We get it.
  • Arya mentioning Lyanna Mormont made me long for more screen time with her and less time with the Stark children. Who would have thought that every single Stark child would turn out to be rubbish. Bring back Robb!

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