The portrayal of upstairs guest and downstairs servants in a stately home in the 30’s.


Featuring every British actor ever (Helen Mirren, Kelly Macdonald, Clive Owen, Maggie Smith, Emily Watson etc) and nominated for 7 Oscars (winning 1 for best original screenplay) Gosford Park comes highly recommended. The problem is this is essentially a film of people talking for two and a quarter hours. Luckily the script is a cracker and Gosford Park manages to avoid being too frumpy, particularly when focusing on the servants.
If the previously mentioned list of national treasures isn’t enough, even Stephen Fry pops up in the second half as an incompetent policeman. All this adds up to a very English costume drama but one that is enjoyable if you devote yourself to it. If you don’t concentrate this will be lost on you however as I found to my chagrin when I found myself ideally staring at a dog that trotted past my house, resulting in me having to rewind…