Godzilla 6/10.

The world is destroyed again. This time by like… straight line, robot dragons or something. Godzilla takes this badly.


Godzilla takes an interesting approach in portraying the famous daikaiju as a fearless and beautiful warrior. Noble and mysterious. This definitely breathes a new lease of life into the actual character of Godzilla but that is not enough to save the film as a whole.

The main problem here is that it massively feels like director Gareth Edwards put absolutely everything into making Godzilla look awesome so much so that little things like plot, character development and pacing fell by the wayside.

All the standard blockbuster traits are unfortunately present. A close up of a man’s face as he delivers a terrible line of dialogue, an actual ticking clock as a plot device, story lines tapering out all over the place. This is a shame because the big lizard does look absolutely breathtaking. The problem is we don’t see enough of him and too often he is lurking in the shadows like the bashful reptilian he is.


Another issue, is when the huge monsters crash into battle it is difficult to tell what is happening as it all just become mangled together. This has been a problem throughout the Transformers series as well and nobody seems to have a solution yet.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson does not have what it takes to carry a summer blockbuster and the movies best assets, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, are both underused. In the creation of Godzilla, Edwards and his team have absolutely succeeded but in making a good film they have fallen quite short.

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