Frontier(s) – 7/10

All the crazy shit you expect from French horror plus Nazis…


Frontier(s) comes from the same New French Extremity movement as Martyrs and Inside so as you can imagine it isn’t a barrel of laughs. It is however a really strong horror entry that has more in common with Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Wrong Turn than it does with Martyrs in truth.

Frontier(s) sees a group of criminals escaping from a heist only to hold up with a murderous, incestuous family of Nazis. If you were expecting a social commentary on the escalating Neo Nazi problem in France then you will be disappointed, Frontier(s) is more a general reaction to what people find scary and grotesque in their own society. The English version of this for example would be Eden Lake, which prayed on the UK’s fear of thuggish, chav idiots.


The first half of Frontier(s) is fairly predictable with some gore splattered violence but few shocks. Around the start of the third act though, there are a couple of surprisingly tender scenes that frame the satisfying conclusion and raise the overall level of the film above your average horror. These scenes also contain the best acting with Karina Testa particularly strong.

There is nothing new about Frontier(s). In fact, in many respects it a throwback to the time of flicks like I Spit On Your Grave and Last House on the Left. Nevertheless, the strong female characters, memorable violence and impressive ending ensure that Frontier(s) must definitely be considered a success.

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