The director who brought us Forrest Gump and Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington bring us the story of pilot Whip Whitaker who successfully lands a failing plain whilst high on coke and drunk. You would think that a combination of director Robert Zemekis (Back to the Future) and acting heavyweight Denzel would have made for a pretty hyped film. The reason it didn’t is because for every Forrest Gump the hit and miss Zemeckis has brought us a Beowulf or a Polar Express. As well as this Denzel has been stuck making that one same film for the last five years (Safe House, Unstoppable, The Taking of Pelham 123). The good news is that this is a return to form for both of them and shows that we should still get excited about any of their upcoming work. The first thirty minutes are as good as any film made in 2012, it doesn’t maintain this standard but I still found it a compelling and well acted fable.