Filth – 7.5/10

“Happy Christmas and all that shite…”

As you can imagine with an adaptation of an Irvine ‘Trainspotting’ Welsh book, Filth is unrelentingly bleak. As with Trainspotting it focuses on the low lives and darkest depths of society – the two books take place in the same universe.

James McAvoy as bad cop Bruce Robertson is to be honest, breathtaking. His portrayal of being at rock bottom, filled with remorse and self loathing is absolutely spot on to the point where I found it quite moving. His dissent into madness and loss of control is played perfectly by McAvoy who wont get the Oscar nod this performance probably deserves.

Elsewhere Jim Broadbent is superbly chilling as the psychiatrist from hell and Jamie Bell is likeable and believable as always as a rookie cokehead policeman. I would have liked to have seen this film be a little longer to fully explore McAvoys character, it felt a bit rushed, especially towards the end where the speed is breakneck.

Filth is worth watching for McAvoy’s performance alone but it is also a well worked adaptation of a difficult book,

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