Expendables 2 – N/A

Takes the phrase ‘a parody of itself’ to previously unheard of levels…


Expendables 2 is possibly the most ridiculous film I have ever seen. Much more fun than the first one though.

If I had seen this as a fifteen year old boy it would have been the greatest moment of my life. Full of cheesy one liners and packed with knowing winks and nods to the audience. Every action movie star of the 80’s and 90’s pretty much is here. All the big names are feature. I wont ruin it by telling you who exactly, watch it and see.

It is nigh on impossible to give Expendables 2 a rating, 0/10 and 10/10 would both be accurate. If you grew up watching action movies and Expendables was a bit of a let down for you, give this one a try instead.

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