Escape from New York – 7.5/10.



Where to start with this synopsis… Ok so the president of the United States crashes a small airpod type thing into Manhattan which is now a huge penal colony. From there the heads of the prison send in the most 80’s man of all time Snake Plissken (honestly) to save the day.

Some of the things you can expect from EFNY: Kurt Russell with massive hair, wearing an eye patch and talking in hushed tones. Other characters with one name such as Brain, Duke and Cabbie dressing and acting like they wondered off the set of three totally different films. Some excellent graffiti in the background, my favourite just being the word ‘BRICKS’ daubed on the wall in massive letters. Some of the worst (best?) fight scenes ever. Isaac ‘Chef’ Hayes dressed as a pirate and driving a car that literally has two chandeliers stuck on the bonnet and a disco ball hanging from the roof. I have been watching a fair few 80’s films recently and each one has left me more baffled than the last. What a glorious time for cinema it truly was. There are literally hundreds of films that are more intelligent, technically superior and well… just plain better than Escape from New York but you wont find many that are quite as fucking fun.

I will leave you with this line from Snake Plissken himself:

Old man with earring: ‘Are you going to kill me now Snake?’

Snake (looking directly into camera): ‘I’m too tired… (pause for effect) Maybe later’

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