Edge of Tomorrow – 7/10.

Groundhog Day with aliens…


Tom Cruise’s star has faded massively in recent years due to his erratic behaviour and beliefs and a number of high profile box office failures. Whilst Edge of Tomorrow is not going to change that (it too was a box office disappointment) it shows signs of a recovery for Cruise at least as well as another strong turn from Emily Blunt.

There are certainly better actors than Tom Cruise but there are few better leading men and with sequels to Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher and Top Gun (!) all in the pipeline, Cruise is showing no signs of slowing down now.

For all this talk of Tom Cruise it is his co-star Emily Blunt who gives the best performance in Edge of Tomorrow alongside strong support from Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton. Showing she is just as at home with gruelling action sequences as with more emotional fare, Blunt is on a role at the moment with a potential star turn in The Girl On The Train coming up next year as well.

Another strong performance from Emily Blunt

Edge of Tomorrow is based on a manga style book and takes elements from Starship Troopers, Source Code, Looper, and many others to provide an exciting film with a premise that surprisingly remains fresh throughout despite it’s repetitive nature, repetitive nature, repetitive nature…

There has been a lot of films made recently with a similar theme such as Elysium, Pacific Rim and another Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion but Edge of Tomorrow is probably the best of the lot and it deserves to have been seen by more people than it eventually was.

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