Infamous Stanford Prison Experiment brought to life in a typically German efficient style.


For anyone unfamiliar with the Stanford Prison Experiment it involved taking random people and assigning them as either guards of inmates and then locking them up to see what would happen. The experiment had to be concluded prematurely after six days because shit got real. Really fast. Das Experiment is based on this event but obviously director Oliver Hirschbiegel takes it a lot further for dramatic effect. What transpires is simply a very interesting story, acted brilliantly and shot very well. The colours are simultaneously drab and lush which draws an interesting parallel between the guards and the inmates. Das Experiment also asks some uncomfortable questions about human nature but does so in a relatively subtle way….

… Unlike The Experiment – the Hollywood remake starring Adrien Brody – which is about as low key as when The Avengers visit New York City. Having seen both I can see why people get so mad about American remakes. In this case they have taken a brilliant film and made it into a meaningless cartoonish action film. The lesson of course is to always go with the original.