Dallas Buyers Club – 7.5/10.


A man diagnosed with AIDS becomes disillusioned with his treatment and seeks an alternative before providing the same alternative to many others.

First of all the physical transformation of Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto is unbelievable. They are both unrecognisable due to their astounding weight loss for their roles (think Christian Bale in The Machinist). It is important in cases like this not to be blinded by appearance and still judge them on the actual acting. Handily the performance of both actors is phenomenal. Leto is totally convincing as transvestite Rayon and McConaughey carries the film brilliantly. Both performances are courageous and ground breaking, tackling a subject that somehow still seems to be taboo in Hollywood a full 21 years after Philadelphia. George Clooney and Tom Cruise have overcome reputations as pretty boy actors in films such as The Descendants and Vanilla Sky. Leonardo Di Caprio has had so many varied and wonderful roles that his role in Titanic is almost forgotten. With Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey has also made his romantic comedies of past years completely irrelevant. He is bookies favourite for the best actor award and you can’t really argue with that. I found the story of DBC a bit thin to be spread out over nearly two hours but it is an important story told very well and acted superbly. What a great year for cinema 2013 has been.

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