Coming Soon: 12 Days of Christmas Films – Part 3

It’s the list that literally nobody has been waiting for…


2014 was the year of various Tim Allen’s, It’s A Wonderful Life and the best Christmas film ever made. In 2015 I took in the bizarre lunacy of The Star Wars Holiday Special alongside Bill Murray delighting the world with his film A Very Murray Christmas. To be honest, after two years and 24 films I am starting to scrape the barrel somewhat in terms of Christmas films. With that disappointing sentiment in mind, lets marvel at both my expert knowledge of self publication and this years list.

Just like last year, and indeed the year before, I will be watching and reviewing 12 films in 12 days from the 12th of December up to the 23rd.

12 Days of Christmas Films Part 3:

  1. Love Actually
  2. The Snowman and The Snowdog
  3. Get Santa
  4. Jack Frost
  5. A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey)
  6. Arthur Christmas
  7. Krampus
  8. The Night Before
  9. Fred Claus
  10. Black Christmas (original)
  11. The Santa Claus 2
  12. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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