Changeling – 7.5/10

Angelina Jolie in film that isn’t shit shocker!

Changeling film 2008 Christine Collins ( ANGELINA JOLIE ) picks up her son, Walter (GATTLIN GRIFFITH), from elementary school in the provocative drama from director Clint Eastwood, "Changeling".

Clint Eastwood directed films Changeling and Gran Torino came out in the same year and while Gran Torino took all the plaudits, Changeling is quietly almost as good. Angelina Jolie is the star and main reason why I have put off watching this movie for so long to be honest. She is much more subtle as grief stricken mother Christine Collins than any other film I have seen her in and she benefits from this loads, culminating in an Oscar nom for best actress.
The mother of a missing child is told her child has been found, only for her to discover the child is not hers. A strong supporting cast headed up by an under used John Malkovich bring Changeling to life. One minor criticism, at two hours twenty minutes Changeling is too long but other than that a solid movie and another good addition to the superb list of films Eastwood has already directed.

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