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La La Land – 9/10

“People love what other people are passionate about….”

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Book Review: Wuthering Heights

Terror made me cruel…

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Shakespeare In Love – 7/10

‘We must show them that we are men of parts. Will Shakespeare has a play. I have a theatre…’

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The One I Love – 7.5/10

The One I Love is a brilliant character study on duality, perception and love.


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Before Sunrise 7/10.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy talk. And talk. And then talk some more. For 105 minutes.


Before Sunrise seems to be hugely critically acclaimed as its placing in the hallowed IMDB top 250 will attest to but I don’t get what all the fuss is about to be honest. As with another film I didn’t ‘get’ Lost in Translation, there seems to be a lot of people who feel some kind of profound connection to Before Sunrise that I just don’t see.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy bump into each other on a train to Paris and end up spending the day together in Vienna. Lots of long and philosophical dialogue ensues in the vein of Cameron Crowe or Kevin Smith at his best. While the chemistry between Hawke and Delpy is both tangible and undeniable there isn’t enough character development or plotting to keep things interesting and that prevented me from feeling invested in the characters.


The soundtrack is forgettable which is disappointing for a Linklater film as normally he does well in that aspect of things. It is safe to say that Before Sunrise is much closer to Boyhood than it is to School of Rock or Dazed and Confused when speaking in terms of Linklater’s output as it is a character study where not much happens. The difference between Linklater’s recent Oscar nominee Boyhood and Before Sunrise I suppose is a matter of opinion, I connected to Boyhood completely even though not a great deal happens but I was disinterested in the outcome here.

Some people obviously love this film but it didn’t really do anything for me.

IMDB TOP 250 #212

Crazy/Beautiful – 6/10

Terrible girl ruins life of everyone she comes into contact with but justifies behaviour with meaningless, prosaic platitudes.


Obviously any film that has the lead character ostentatiously blurting out the films title and also saying lines such as ‘Look how good our skin looks next to each other. It’s beautiful’ is going to be a little bit shit but Crazy/Beautiful actually has a certain charm to it and to be fair considering the ridiculous script and clich├ęd story, main actors Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez actually put a good shift in.

Dunst is particularly solid considering the character she is playing is written as a hysterical, ridiculous brat. Hernandez manages to keep a straight face while line after line of terrible dialogue spills forth from Dunst’s mouth which makes it a good performance in itself and Bruce Davison also does well in the face of Dunst drunkenly shrieking at him for 100 minutes. The film is indeed an endurance test for all involved. The audience, the actors, the Latin American community, humanity as a whole…

In conclusion I will leave you with the synopsis and I dare you to read it with a straight face:

‘At Pacific Palisades High, a poor Latino falls hard for a troubled girl from the affluent neighbourhood.’

It’s crazy. And beautiful.

Warm Bodies – 7/10

Shit premise, executed brilliantly…


I went into this expecting a ‘zomcom’ (ugh) for the Twilight generation but ended up pleasantly surprised. Nicholas Hoult is our protagonist as a kind of Zombie with locked in syndrome. The narration has Hoult talking normally about his day to day life as a zombie whilst showing him shuffling about and moaning monosyllabically as zombies are want to do.

The opening section is clever and satirically funny in a similar mold to Zombieland. It does all go a bit downhill once the love interest gets involved but Warm Bodies remains a decent watch throughout and is a unique entry in a normally samey genre.

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