Snow White and the Huntsman – 7/10

Not another dark re-imagining.
‘A grown up take on the classic fairytale’ is the kind of vague tagline you will see attached to this and a thousand other rehashes of ancient ideas and Snow White and the Huntsmen does little to stand out from the crowd.
The acting however is actually pretty solid. Kristen Stewart continues to throw off the the twi-shite shackles with another decent performance and Chris Hemsworth again impresses following his good work as Thor – expect him and his beautiful golden locks to be in pretty much every fantasy or period film of the next ten years.
On the scale of recent fantasy offerings this is not as good as Stardust but better than the Golden Compass and ten times better than the disaster that was Red Riding Hood.

Ed Wood – 5.5/10.

It is worth noting that I have a long standing and intense dislike for Tim Burton and his work. As in pretty much every Tim Burton film, the characters are so cartoonish whilst at the same time lacking any real charisma that it is impossible to feel anything for any of them which renders it all a bit pointless. Depp does a decent job but this film is far too long, Bill Murray is criminally underused and it did nothing to change my opinion on Burton.

The Great Outdoors – 5/10

‘Comedy’, Not enough interaction between Aykroyd and John Candy, a bizarre ending that feels like it was written for another film and added on to this one. Watch planes, trains and automobiles instead.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – 7/10.

ImagePartridge’s big screen d├ębut just about ends up a success. Unlike The Inbetweeners say, Partridge loses some of its charm in its transition to the big screen. It is still laugh out loud funny in moments but there is nothing to rival the best moments of Im Alan Partridge. After such a long wait I felt slightly disappointed with Alpha Papa. If you haven’t seen them already I would recommend taking a look at the youtube only series Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge instead.

Sightseers – 7/10

A socially awkward couple go on a caravanning holiday that takes an unexpected turn.


Up and coming director Ben Wheatley is at the helm for this odd, dark, funny, charming and quintessentially British drama/comedy/horror/fuckknows. Anyone who has seen Kill List, Ben Wheatley’s, frankly bonkers, other main work, can imagine the kind of dark territory this film ends up embracing.

It starts out like the episode of I’m Alan Partridge where he is advertising caravans and ends up like a brummie version of Natural Born Killers, I’ve yet to fully fall in love with Wheatley in the same way a lot of others have but he is definitely an original voice in the British horror scene at the moment.