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The Rock – 8.5/10

‘Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen…’

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Mindhorn – 8/10

‘It’s truth time…’

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John Wick – 7/10

‘You can either hand over your son or you can die screaming alongside him…’

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Amanda Knox – 8.5/10

Netflix strike gold yet again…

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Snatch – 8.5/10

‘You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity…’

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The Nice Guys – 7.5/10

‘No kid, we don’t want to see your dick…’

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War Dogs – 8/10

‘All the money is made between the lines…’

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The 10 Best Things of 2016 So Far

2016 has already been a terrible, awful year for the human race but a surprisingly decent one for music, film and TV. Below are the 10 best things of 2016 so far.

DISCLAIMER – As always, I am only one man so there is plenty of stuff I haven’t seen yet, most notably Deadpool and Vinyl. Don’t treat me too harshly.

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Black Mass – 7/10

Johnny Depp – Tim Burton = Good Movies


Johnny Depp’s career has never recovered from the humongous disaster that was The Tourist. Not many actors have made such poor choices as consistently as Depp with his constant collaborations with Tim Burton particularly galling. With Black Mass. Depp has returned to the a genre that has served him well in the past.

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Ten More Great TV Shows of 2015

Despite my undying love for films, we have now reached a stage where the quality found on TV is actually far superior to 90% of offerings churned out on the silver screen. Since running through my top ten favourite shows of 2015 in November, I have discovered a plethora of other top notch shows. Here are ten of them:

10. Master of None


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