Ratatouille – 8/10

Rat becomes chef.


Ratatouille, whilst not in the same league as the Toy Story series or the special genius behind WALL•E, is still a brilliant piece of cinema and became an important turning point in the Pixar series.

Ratatouille marks a departure from films meant for kids but with adult elements (the still superb Finding Nemo for example) into films that appeal just as much to both age sets  (Up and Wall-E followed). In short Ratatouille was a bold move for Pixar.

Obscure food references, the name of the film itself (which had to be spelt out phonetically on the poster), a nod to When Harry Met Sally (made in 1989) and just generally poking fun at the French will all go over the heads of kids watching but this bravery pays off in spades. Like every Pixar film Ratatouille is funny, clever, visually stunning, warm without using cheap sentimentality (take note Disney), and a joy to watch. Ratatouille is further proof that there is a strong argument for the Pixar series to be the best film series ever made. I loved it.

WALL•E – 10/10

A binary love story.


As regular readers will know I firmly believe the Pixar films to be the greatest film series ever made and when people look back on it in 20+ years time WALL-E will be the jewel in the crown.
Taking in biblical themes, man vs machine, environmental issues and dystopia. Influenced by (and pays homage to) Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Nineteen Eighty-Four and probably loads of other sci fi stuff that I missed.
WALL-E is heartbreaking, inspiring, hilarious and the most adult movie in the Pixar canon. Not just one of the best ‘kids’ movies ever made but one of the best movies ever made and also probably the greatest love story ever told. Absolute genius.

Monsters University – 7/10.

A prequel to the slightly better Monsters, Inc. in which main protagonists Mike and Sulley meet at ‘scare school’.
Whilst different frat houses competing in various contests is a plot as old as the hills (Animal House, Old School, Van Wilder: Party Liaison etc etc), you don’t watch what are essentially kids films for originality.
Monsters University is warm, laugh out loud funny, exciting and as always with Pixar the attention to detail in the animation is breathtaking. Certainly not the best Pixar movie but definitely a worthy addition to arguably the finest collection of films in cinema history.