A cargo ship is captured by Somali pirates.
Tom Hanks is desperately in need of a hugely successful movie. Toy Story 3 aside he hasn’t had a true smash hit since The DaVinci Code way back in 2006 and even that was not particularly critically acclaimed. So will Captain Phillips be the film to reclaim his crown as the biggest actor in the world? The short answer is yes. The first half of Captain Phillips is good, setting the scene, introducing characters but at the halfway point I was wondering what would set this film apart from many others like it (including director Paul Greengrass’ own Bourne series). The second half is where it particularly comes to life though and the last forty minutes are utterly breath taking. Absolute end of the seat stuff and Hanks is completely masterful. He hasn’t pulled out a performance like this since Catch Me If You Can in 2002 and it is up there with his very best. Realistically the whole film was never going to be as high octane and just frankly brilliant as the second half but the disappointing first half stops Captain Phillips from being an instant classic. Also a word for newcomer Barkhad Abdi as the Somali captain. An unbelievable performance for a first time actor. Expect Oscar noms galore for Captain Phillips. Fully deserved.