Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 7/10

Boring superhero saves world yet again…


Marvel studios have been very clever to release the Avengers films in episodic fashion. Because they all tie in together and follow on from each other, the viewer is now forced to watch every instalment in order to keep up with the story. So we end up with films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier which seems to only exist to introduce new characters and move the Avengers plot along. Having said that it is a lot of fun along the way.

As with Chris Hemsworth in the Thor series, Chris Evans has really grown into the role of Captain America now, to the point where he just is Captain America. Evans has always made the most of what is a fundamentally dull character and for that he deserves praise.

Elsewhere, Anthony Mackie is a good fit as Falcon, Robert Redford makes for a dastardly if un-menacing villain and Scarlett Johansson is reliable as ever as Black Widow. Indeed, Johansson has now reached a stage where she could just about carry a standalone film. We also get loads of Nick Fury which is always a treat.

Directing team Anthony and Joe Russo sensibly ditch the fish out of water stuff with the cap at the right time but the action scenes are nothing new. Part of the problem with this whole series is that Avengers was so impressive that it has almost become an albatross around Marvel studios neck. A decent but forgettable chapter in what is a very strong series.

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  1. Hi mate. This is the best film Marvel has made, including Avengers. I suggest you consult the film’s tomatometer and review your review.


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