Byzantium – 7/10.



Two immortal vampires try to exist in modern day Brighton attempting to hide their identity from the authorities and the a mysterious order known as ‘The Brotherhood’.

I will watch anything focusing on vampires or zombies. From the good (Underworld) to the terrible (Queen of the Damned). I’ve even sat through one and a half Twilight films. So where does Byzantium rank? Pretty high actually. The story is compelling, taking in a lot of vampire lore (although only picking and choosing. The vampires can walk around in sunlight but they still have to be invited in) and with some stunning imagery. It is the cast though that really elevates this above the average. Saoirse Ronan is humourless but intense and believable and Gemma Arterton pulls off ‘foul mouthed hooker’ surprisingly well. It is always nice to see Sam Riley in anything and he is probably the best thing about Byzantium. Letting the side down slightly is Caleb Jones who doesn’t seem to know if he is in the flashbacks or the modern day judging from his costume and speech. Despite being predictable (particularly the ending), Byzantium is surprisingly dark and nasty and is much more than just an ‘adult Twilight’.

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