Boyhood – 8.5/10

Cute kid becomes beautiful man.


The premise behind boyhood is that it is filmed over 12 years following a kid called Mason from childhood through to adolescence. This is to simplify what is a truly breathtaking project however, Mason is just a small part in his own story with everyone else in his family being just as integral to the plot and the emotional narrative. The supporting cast are utterly remarkable. Patricia Arquette gives a performance that is equal parts enthusiasm and vulnerability. She totally blew me away all the way though and must surely be nailed on Best Supporting Actress at this years Oscars. Ethan Hawke is superb and the chemistry between the cast is unlike any I have previously seen in any film. The cast assembled every year to film short segments and all that hard work and time spent in each others company leads to a family unit that is at once familiar and totally believable.


Director Richard Linklater has a penchant for sentimentality in his flicks (see Dazed and Confused) and he does lay it on a little thick at times but protagonist Ellar Coltrane does well for a relative newcomer with the more gawky lines and his performance overall is astounding. For Linklater to have the foresight to pick a kid that would become such a natural and charismatic on screen presence is either lucky as hell or a stroke of genius. By the time it came to Mason’s graduation I felt part of the family and I was sad when the film finished even after nearly three hours in their company.

Boyhood is the ultimate triumph in the theory that you don’t need constant plot twists and events to tell a good story. There is nothing remarkable about Mason, his life is the same as a million other young men and women but that is the point. Every human being tells a story that is remarkable in its own way.

IMDB TOP 250 #197


Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette

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