A wealthy socialites life falls apart when her husband is arrested for fraud and he subsequently kills himself.
Cate Blanchett is perfect in the title role. We all know she can play Southern belle with no problems but her performance in the scenes where Jasmine’s mental health begins to deteriorate are poignant and oddly sympathy inspiring for such a detestable character. Sally Hawkins is also excellent as her adopted sister Ginger and there are other bright spots in the supporting cast particularly Andrew Dice Clay and Peter Sarsgaard. I found Blue Jasmine to be rather aimless though with no character growth, no resolution, quite similar to another recent disappointment Broken Flowers actually. As I have only seen one other Woody Allen film (the superior Midnight In Paris), I possibly find it hard to contextualize his work and maybe miss things someone more versed in his films would pick up on but I find his films and his writing a little too pleased with itself. Some great acting, but for me, not a great film.