Babylon – 7/10.



TV Movie from Danny Boyle about an American PR executive joining the police force in the midst of a shooting.

Writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain attempt to bring a Black Mirror style tint to their very British brand of humour. Whilst never even coming close to the genius of Peep Show, Babylon sits alongside Fresh Meat as a very watchable and at times very good show from the pen of Armstrong & Bain. Brit Marling (The East, Sound Of My Voice) brings her seriousness and intensity to the role as PR exec Liz Garvey whilst not being overly rigid. Lots of familiar faces from top British shows build a strong supporting cast with James Nesbitt, Adam Deacon, Jill Halfpenny, Daniel Kaluuya (who also appeared in the best episode of Black Mirror) and others. The cleverest moments still come from the sharp humour rather than the satire but there is enough here to suggest that Bain & Armstrong are capable of branching out beyond comedy into something more serious.

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