Amélie – 8/10.

A beautiful but cripplingly shy girl runs around Paris solving a series of puzzles that may lead her to her true love.
First off Amelie looks amazing. Very bright and vibrant colours all the way through and obviously being set in Paris helps. Secondly the other characters are superbly written and many of them could of had a film of their own, very eclectic and interesting. Thirdly Audrey Tautou is wonderful as Amelie even though her role mostly comprises smiling into the camera. My only gripe with Amelie is its reputation to be honest. It is a well made, inventive and clever film but #64 on the IMDB top 250? 5 oscar nominations? That seems a bit much. I am surprised that no one has had a crack at remaking such a unique film but here’s hoping no one ever does. Shouldn’t have taken me this long to watch and I would urge anyone else curious about Amelie to give it a watch.

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