Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – 7/10.


A man escapes from jail and attempts to contact his wife and the daughter he has yet to meet.

Most people will not like this movie. It is hugely self indulgent to ask someone to sit through almost two hours of basically nothing just to exhibit your ability to write heartfelt soliloquies at the end. Having said that I decided to give Ain’t Them Bodies Saints the benefit of the doubt as I did believe in the love shared between the two main characters. An in danger of becoming typecast Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara play the couple on which the whole story depends upon and for the most part I enjoyed both of their performances. Director/Writer David Lowery comes from the mumblecore school of directors such as Mark Duplass (Jeff, Who Lives At Home) so you really have to concentrate to hear what the already mumbly Casey Affleck is saying which is distracting but if you really listen it is mostly pleasingly profound stuff. Overall it is a weird one this, had I been in a slightly more critical mood this could have ended scoring 5 or 6 out of 10. I’d be interested to hear someone else’s view on this film but at the same time I couldn’t explicitly recommend it to anyone. I am confused…

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