Afflicted – 6.5/10.



Two friends plan to travel the world is ruined when one of them selfishly becomes a terrifying vampire.

I can’t remember off hand a vampire found footage tale so points for originality. This is off set slightly by the derivative need to take any kind of modern horror fad and just add every existing horror story to it until it is totally ruined. Expect a werewolf found footage movie sometime soon. The other good thing about Afflicted is that it is genuinely creepy pretty much throughout and does the absolute best it can on a presumably tiny budget. These limitations come to the fore in a negative light however when considering the acting. Newcomers Derek Lee and Clif Prowse do a sterling job with the writing and direction but they could have done with at least one actual actor in the lead roles. As the story becomes more ridiculous they need a more experienced head to keep the viewer engaged. Overall though they have done a decent job here, I am interested to see what they do in the future.

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