A Little Princess – 7/10

Old crone reacts in an incredibly out of proportion way to slightly annoying goody two shoes child.


A Little Princess continues the time honoured tradition of children’s films featuring unspeakable cruelty and violence in the vein of peers, The Lion King (Father is trampled to death in front of son), Bambi (Mother is shot to death in front of son) and Oliver! (homely and caring woman is beaten to death by a drunk). A Little Princess doesn’t quite plunge those depths of tragedy but ‘wealthy girl becomes a slave after father is killed in the war’ is right up there.

Despite this, A Little Princess recovers to be a genuinely heart warming tale. Not a great deal to be said for the acting, child actors are notoriously awful though. Elsewhere it really does look great, Davos Seaworth features (for any GOT aficionados out there) and I must admit it did make me smile. I would actually say essential viewing for anyone under 11 but a lot to like as a cynical, miserable old bastard as well.

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