22 Jump Street – 7/10.

Jenko and Schmidt return to do… all the same shit they did in the first movie.


22 Jump Street‘s ace in the pack is that it pokes fun at itself all the way though. It almost breaks the fourth wall when referencing the fact that when a film is a hit the sequel has twice as much money thrown at it. Indeed there are a number of self referential plot points and the credit sequence is a glorious piss take of not only the buddy cop genre but the film industry as a whole. The problem is you can’t have it both ways. You can’t take the piss out of unoriginal sequels and then make a sequel almost identical to the original. Anyway if you were a fan of 21 Jump Street then there is no doubt you will enjoy its successor.

Channing Tatum continues to surprise with another convincing comic turn. We know what to expect from Jonah Hill now but that doesn’t make him any less hilarious and he frequently delivers most of the films best lines. Ice Cube steals the show though with a masterful comedic performance similar to the one John Witherspoon brought us with his portrayal of Ice Cube’s unforgettable foul mouthed Dad in Friday.

22 Jump Street misses Dave Franco’s brazen douchebaggery from the first film and the out and out action sequences grate slightly alongside the more slapstick stuff but overall this is a solid sequel.

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