13 Sins – 6/10.



A man in financial difficulties has the opportunity to win a huge cash prize by completing a series of ever escalating bizarre and gruesome tasks.

As ever with modern Western horror the main problem here is lack of originality. This concept is obviously born of Saw just like recent bedfellow Would You Rather. Another problem is how to stretch what is basically a single idea into a feature length movie. German director Daniel Stamm ( The Last Exorcism) does ok with the latter problem by having the film run at a skinny 88 minutes and wringing every lost drop from what is a pretty flimsy premise. I enjoyed Mark Webber in the lead role quite a lot, he elevates 13 Sins above B-Movie territory but Ron Perlman just seems bored and faintly embarrassed throughout. This is an ok movie if you don’t want to have to think too hard but as a result of this it is pretty forgettable.

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