12 Days of Christmas Films Day 4: Jack Frost

“You the man!”

“No… I’m the Snowman!” (ugh)


One of the reasons I took on the foolhardy task of watching 12 Christmas films in 12 days in the first place is that I am an unabashed lover of Christmas. Even the very worst Christmas films hold some kind of appeal to me. Another reason was that I was interested in the idea that Christmas films are unique in as much as the actual quality of the films is irrelevant. If you were exposed to a Christmas film as a child, and it becomes part of your festive vernacular , then you will love it forever.

This brings us nicely on to Jack Frost. A film that I never would have watched if not for my wife’s recommendation. Jack Frost relays the tale of an absent father who dies in a car accident only to be revived as a snowman because Christmas. As ludicrous as that sounds there are actually moments of genuine warmth and poignancy in Troy Miller’s film and in Michael Keaton there is some movie star magic at play. Keaton was going through a rough patch at this point in his career but he is so talented that he can’t help but be compelling and watchable. If I had it my way every idiot who goes about with ‘I don’t like Michael Keaton’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

To be absolutely clear though, the Snowman in Jack Frost is weird. It’s not lovable like Raymond Briggs’ creation. Indeed it has an air of sex offender about it. A touch of the ‘child catchers’ if you will.  I felt like the snowman’s relationship with the boy could turn sinister at any moment…

Arguably even more bizarre then the main attraction, is the inclusion of Mark ‘Robert Baratheon’ Addy and punk rocker Henry Rollins in the supporting cast. This only adds a satisfying air of the absurd to an already strange film however and if there is one other thing that draws me to Christmas flicks it is how weird they often are.

In many ways Jack Frost is a bad piece of cinema. But it obviously meant something to the people involved and it is clearly cherished by certain folks as a part of their childhood, and I guess that’s what Christmas is all about? Or maybe the chocolate coins and booze are starting to kick in and I’m just drunk? Who knows at this point? Who even cares?

Jesus… Only 4 days down. God help me.

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