12 Days of Christmas Films Day 3: Get Santa

Santa and Superhans…


Get Santa is the first of two films on this list that feature Jim Broadbent in the role of jolly old Saint Nick himself (the other being Arthur Christmas). It is easy to see what draws Broadbent to the role as he has bags of fun in the beard and red robes here.

Writer/Director Christopher Smith was the obvious choice to deliver a Christmas film what with the rest of his CV being made up of out and out horror movies… or maybe not. While Get Santa is the odd one out in Smith’s filmography, it is still an enjoyable and well made Christmas film.

Joining Broadbent in front of the camera is an always excellent Rafe Spall (or Ralph Spafe as my wife thought he was called), a willing Warwick Davis and a hilarious Stephen Graham with various other familiar faces in supporting roles as well. The premise of the film is simple. That fat bitch Santa accidentally gets himself incarcerated so a hapless father and son duo are tasked to bust him out. The plot is predictable and saccharine but it is also infused with warmth,  laugh out loud funny and the cast do a great job of holding what is a pretty flimsy premise together.

Can I imagine families gathering round their 3D TV’s to watch Get Santa in twenty years time? You know what, I actually can. The sheer quality of the cast sets the film apart from its peers and the smart writing means there is something there for all ages.

And if, after all that, there is nothing there that appeals to you, then consider that there is a scene in Get Santa in which Saint Nick punches Superhans from Peep Show in the face. If you don’t think that is worth the admission fee alone then I don’t think we can be friends any longer.

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