12 Days of Christmas Films Day 2: The Snowman and the Snowdog

Doesn’t do justice to the original…


The Snowman series is a strange concept for a selection of festive children’s films. Not many other stories in this genre end with the protagonist melting away to nothingness at the end of each tale. Joking aside though, the original Snowman short film is as close to perfection as a Christmas film could possibly be. It has excitement, love, loss, heartbreak, comedy and David Bowie in a ridiculous jumper, what more could you possibly ask?

While The Snowman and The Snowdog has its moments, mostly involving the canine side of the duo, it wholly fails to live up to the magic of the original. But then how could it possibly do so? Which in turn begs the question, why bother to try at all?

Perhaps I am being a tight fisted hand on the grindstone  and maybe I should just enjoy The Snowman and The Snowdog for what it is. A small slice of escapist nonsense to distract us before the sun explodes and engulfs all of us in flames. Merry Christmas.

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