The heart warming tale of two criminals attempting to viciously murder a small boy…


It’s been around ten years since I watched Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. That was part of a John Hughes binge during a particularly depressing period in my life. I spent that evening wallowing in milkshake and tears. This year was much the same, minus the milkshake. This is the effect that 12 Christmas films in 12 days will have on the human psyche.

It is striking watching this film now to see just how similar it is to the first Home Alone. The plot, characters and set ups are exactly the same, right down to the scary adult who turns out to be misunderstood, angels with filthy souls and of course Kevin going missing again. It doesn’t really matter though. You don’t watch Home Alone 2 for a critique on the crass commercialisation of Christmas, you watch it to see Maculey Culkin do the ‘Home Alone’ face. You watch it to catch up with the misunderstood hero Buzz. Most of all you watch it to see the Wet Bandits receive their comeuppance. And boy does that happen in Home Alone 2. One scene in which Marv is repeatedly hit with a brick is actually quite galling, leading my wife to ominously comment that ‘he should be dead by now’.

Watching Home Alone 2 again only strengthened my resolve to make a buddy movie with Buzz McAllister from Home Alone and Biff Tannen from Back to the Future snappily titled ‘Biff and Buzz’. Lets make that dream a reality.

And so we come to an end. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve Tim Allened. I’ve been taught the spirit of Christmas over and over again and watched yet another rendition of A Christmas Carol. Thanks to everyone who has read along, commented, or told me to stop filling up their timeline with my boring, self indulgent, waffle.

Merry Christmas Ya’ Filthy Animals!